Figueira 1 – Vida Criativa 2017-11-29T10:53:30+00:00

Figueira 1 – Criative Life

What in fact is the significance of an area of Creative Life (Vida Criativa, in Portuguese)? According to the Esoteric Glossary*  “it is a nucleus of activity and experience of patterns of conduct that will be established in the future humanity.”
In order for this nucleus to be authentic, it participants need to make a permanent commitment to develop their inner potentials and to bring them to evolutionary service. Beyond the impulse towards transformation, the energy of this Area brings us to reflect on our task and how to bring ourselves to service.

In the area of Vida Criativa we are invited to reverence Nature, and especially, the vegetable kingdom. Here we will encounter the tree symbolic of Figueira, Colina das Aparições (Hill of the Apparitions), the House of Prayer and also the Bosque da Harmonia (Harmony Woods), where there is a place for permanent vigil shaped as a dome.

* By Trigueirinho, Ed. Pensamento, Brazil.