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Figueira 3 – Nucleus of Sacred Heart

The Nucleus of Sacred Heart, previously known as the Nucleus Sohin, incorporates the Monastery of Forgiveness and of Healing, the Healing Center, and the Area of Transformation. The energy present there strengthens the bodies of the being so that the consciousness can enter into contact with immaterial realities.

The Center of Healing works connected with the planetary centers of Aurora, ERKS and Mirna Jad. It is pervaded by monastic energy, making possible a work of souls that seek union with the pure essence of their own being.

The work in the Area of Transformation begins with purity of attitude. The tasks conducted in this Area go beyond the material plane. They seek harmony of the physical, emotional and mental bodies, so that they can be elevated to a contact with the soul. With the presence of all kingdoms of Nature, an occult chemistry not only transforms these bodies, but it also constructs a new consciousness.