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Lands of the Brotherhood

When we enter into the Terras da Irmandade (Lands of the Brotherhood), the first impression that we have is of a contact with the unusual, something that we cannot define that brings us to the new, to that which is coming and which will establish itself.
It is just this impression that invites us to reflect: where am I? And if we begin to situate ourselves, another and more deeper reflection can arrive: where do I need to be?
As with the other Areas of Figueira, here we are brought to an integration with the kingdoms of Nature and to contact with the energies of Healing, but with a very specific particularity. In its atmosphere we can feel the presence of authentic Indigenous consciousnesses that have so much to teach us and that are almost unknown to us.
One of the pillars of Healing in the Terras da Irmandade is the Praxis Vertebralis – a subtle therapy that works on the spinal column, aligning the being and liberating blocked energies that limit the harmonious action of the material bodies: physical, etheric, astral and mental. The silence, prayer, a telluric energy, and the closeness with the intra- and supra-human kingdoms are determinants in this process of healing.

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