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Monasteries in Mirna Jad – Figueira

Under the aegis of Mirna Jad are hosted seven monasteries of the Grace Mercy Order.  This order is of a philosophic-religious-ecumenical character, and does not constitute a religion.

The monastic energy accomplishes an important work in those beings who open themselves to transformation, preparing bases for future stages of the humanity.  For this, the monasteries represent the heart of the Community of Light.

The monasteries related to Mirna Jad – Figueira are:


Monastery of Forgiveness and Healing – in Figueira

Monastery of Holy Humility – in Figueira

Monastery of the Eternal Peace of the Lord – in Figueira

Monastery of Charity – in Figueira

Monastery of Silence – in Figueira

Monastery of Retreat – in Figueira

Immaculate House Monastery of the Sacred Heart – in Figueira

Door of the Divine Mercy Monastery – in Nucleus of Figueira in Belo Horizonte -MG

Monastery of Transfiguration – in Nucleus of Figueira in São Carlos -SP

Monastery of Divine Trinity – in Nucleus of Figueira in São Paulo -SP

Monastery of Divine Hope – in Crer-Sendo, Teresópolis – RJ

Mother of the Sun Monastery – Brasília -DF