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Figueira 2

A path lined by eucalyptus receives us at the entrance of Figueira 2 (F2). They symbolize verticality, an alignment towards the higher, with the Divine laws. It announces the energy that we encounter in this Area: order and transmutation.
There are also eucalyptus that protect the labyrinth – a place for inner encounter, the response to the soul, of journey to the deeper consciousness of the being.
It is in this Area that the chorale of Figueira meets to work with sound and silence, with a practice of harmonies that subtilize energy and elevate the vibratory patterns. The constant presence of birds and the proximity of these beings to the angelic kingdom contribute to the creation of a favorable atmosphere for contact with more elevated sounds.
In the space reserved for curative baths, bamboos shelter and protect the beings that come to receive fresh and purifying waters. And there, when we look at our reflection in the water of the lakes, we are confronted with the question “Who am I?” There are opportunities to search for answers in our essence and to open ourselves to the grace of discovery.