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Since its founding, Figueira was planned as both a Spiritual Center and as a Center of Creative Group Life – archetypes of a life consecrated to humanity that act in a complementary way.
Three pillars impel the work that today occurs in Figueira: the patterns of conduct for the new humanity;  patterns of healing, harmony and beauty; and silence. These pillars are represented as energies of the three major Planetary Centers: Miz Tli Tlan, Aurora, and ERKS, respectively.
Three areas manifested themselves initially: one which protects silence, where was built the House of Retreat – today the Acolhimento da Esperança (Shelter of Hope). Another, Vida Criativa (Creative Life), corresponds to the pillar of patterns of conduct for humanity of the future, where fraternal group life is experienced. And the third, the patterns of healing, harmony and beauty, symbolized by the preserved areas, establishes a more direct contact with the kingdom of nature. The other areas that exist today appeared as spin-offs of these three pillars.
With the passage of time, the Spiritual Center transformed itself into the Monastery of the Grace Mercy Order, in different points of the planet; and the Center of Creative Group life evolved as the Community of Light.
The Areas of Figueira and the work as a center of creative life also expanded itself considerably.  Thus, the current necessity to establish the Figueira Community Association, in order to provide more effective support to the structure that was manifested and to the diversification of the tasks realized there. The Association is therefore one of the aspects of the Figueira Community – that which joins mechanisms for the maintenance of its infrastructure and follows the general principles of Figueira.
The extensions of Figueira, as nuclei localized in other cities, are expressions of the expansion of this work.  Following the same impulse Casa Luz da Colina manifested itself with the purpose to expand the activities of service, inspired by the work of Friar Pio of Pietrelcina. While integrated with the Figueira Community, these nuclei may be formalized as separate associations, which is what has occurred.