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One part of the Figueira Community is constituted of land, forests, lakes, streams, plantations, houses and work offices. There are other parts of the community that are invisible to the senses, but that reveal themselves to the heart.
The first is located in Brazil, in the south of Minas Gerais. It is visited by many people, who come for many different reasons, but following the same impulse, not always conscious: to have an encounter with the more inner essence of their own being.  Another part localizes itself in the space of consciousness. It is therefore atemporal, but, even so, it is perceptible and we can contact it in the silence of our being.
One can say that these two parts are faces of one single reality, symbolized by a tree – a fig tree that existed on the farm and that has been present for all of its manifestation. The first, the visible, is composed of the trunk, the branches and the leaves of Figueira. The other, invisible, is composed of the roots and is related with the inner dimensions of the planet. Thus, to be in Figueira is a living process, transformational, primarily if we attune ourselves to the hidden, to the roots, with Mirna Jad – Intra-terrestrial Retreat and Planetary Center.