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What we do

People of all ages and with different experiences can find in Figueira propitious conditions for the development of consciousness and for contact with the monastic energy, through studies, experiences and altruistic services.
In these practices, daily tasks gain a new significance: amplifying the understanding and contributing to a fraternal and harmonious coexistence.
The work of Figueira does not seek to be commercial; the Community is maintained by spontaneous donations and its activities are conducted by voluntary collaborators. In Figueira one does not find politics nor syncretism, and it makes no distinctions between formal religions.
Visitors are invited to integrate themselves with the daily tasks and to participate in studies and lectures that occur during the course of the week. Those who remain longer add their efforts to that of those who come infrequently; together, they seek to make of the physical visible Figueira a faithful expression of its subtle invisible counterpart.
To come to Figueira, see the instructions here.