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How to visit us

In order to make arrangements to stay in Figueira, to register yourself for a meeting or seminar, to join any kind of study, or even for a simple visit, please contact the General Reception or one of the collaborators herein listed, and await our response.  In this way you can obtain more detailed information.
When you arrive, remember to bring with you linens for bed and bath, clothes for outside work, something to wear when it is cool, a watch, alarm clock and flashlight.  Clothing worn in Figueira is simple and discrete.  We do not use perfumes, incense, laptops, palm pilots, video cameras, picture cameras, nor cell phones – with the exception of coordinators of the Areas for communication in specific work situations.
The food is almost all organically grown in Figueira.  The meals are vegetarian without dairy, refined sugar, coffee, alcoholic beverages, and sodas.
You will participate in all of the various group activities, studies and tasks and will take part in the silent harmony of the work areas and retreats.  Everyone cooperates in the basic cleaning of the environment and in the other activities developed in Figueira, for example:  food preparation, work in the bakery, laundry, carpentry shop and maintenance, the flower garden, horticulture and general planting, bee keeping, along with caring for persons in need.  There is enough time for rest, reflection and study.
Silence is observed especially in the areas of study and after 9 PM.

General Reception:

+55 35 3225-3102 | 3225-3108 |