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Since the beginning, one of the tasks of Figueira has been to diffuse the teachings from the Planetary Centers and the Intra-terrestrial Retreats.  In order for the recording and diffusion of this knowledge to happen in the most effective form, a publishing house was established to accomplish this purpose.
This refers to Irdin Editora, which has established a collection with important keys for the recognition of the immaterial laws that govern the universe where we live. The work transmitted by Irdin – in books, periodicals, booklets, videos and above all, recorded lectures – invites us to amplify consciousness, to unveil the mysteries of the history of our planet, perceive its purpose and to enter into the paths of peace.
The work of Irdin is without financial motivation and it is maintained by volunteer collaborators. Among the works of the published authors are highlighted those of Trigueirinho, Artur, and Shimani.  At the present moment its audio collection is composed of more than 2,000 recorded lectures, which are available for free download at
The periodical Signs of Figueira had an important role in the diffusion of this instruction to the planet. On the right side of this page are links to the final editions of this periodical.  In them we can learn a little more about the activities conducted in Figueira and access messages that elevate and bring us in contact with other dimensions.